Woman Has Wedding With A Whopping 34 Bridesmaids—And That Was After She Narrowed It Down

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Planning a wedding is already stressful enough without worrying about whose feelings you're going to hurt when you pick out the bridal party.

So naturally, it makes sense to eliminate that part of the stress--even if that means having more bridesmaids than anybody could have ever dreamed of.

Casme Carter had the perfect Florida beach wedding complete with 34 bridesmaids.

Yep, you heard that right, 34 bridesmaids.

And that was as far as she could narrow it down.

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Carter, a singer, said that her day wouldn't have been complete without the 34 women.

"There are so many women I have met on the journey," she said. "Why not let them be part of my life?"

The bridal party, in addition to Carter's 6 biological sisters, included friends from all walks of life, including high school, college and her professional career.

Gary Carter, her husband, was at first taken aback by the news of 34 bridesmaids.

"Wow, you're kidding, right?" he originally said.

And here's the thing:

Carter originally wanted to aim for 50 bridesmaids.

But unfortunately, since she and Gary planned the wedding in just three short months, there was not time to include the additional 16 women.

"A lot of them know my journey and know how much of a love bug I am," she said. "I wanted them to share this day with me."

Carter and her now husband, Gary, met over Thanksgiving and were engaged shortly after. The wedding began at dawn, and the reception following featured "a crawfish boil, barbecue, beach volleyball and other games."

"Every woman was handpicked because they have blessed my life at one period and time," Carter told Essence. "They all knew my desire for love and being loved by the right man."

Nevertheless, the wedding seems to have gone off splendidly.

All best to the happy couple and their 34 closest supporters.

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