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Massachusetts Police Catch Therapy Dog Stealing Donated Christmas Toys From Station In Adorable Video

(Ben Franklin/Facebook)

In today's most adorable news. A police department's therapy dog has been caught in the act, stealing donated toys for disadvantaged children.

Franklin Police department, in Massachusetts, shared a video after one of their officers spotted the dog, Ben Franklin (creative, we know), making his way between the classroom, where the toys were being stored, and his bed a suspicious number of times.

“One of the officers working the night shift saw Ben was padding between his bed, which is under a desk, and the classroom where we are keeping all the toys," Sergeant Brian Johnson said. “When they saw him walking out of the classroom, they were like: 'What is he doing?' He took out his phone to film him and see what was going on."

The golden retriever was caught trying to evade officers while handling a stolen baby doll.

“When Ben realized he was being chased he began to speed up, trying to sneak the toy into his bed before he got caught," Sergeant Johnson said. “When the officer followed him, he realized Ben had a number of plush toys under there."

The recovered toys are being collected for the Santa Foundation, a charity that delivers presents to families in need during the holidays.

“We don't want any child to feel like they don't deserve to get anything, or that they are not worthy," Sergeant Johnson said.

He had the best intentions.

Good boy.

He deserves all the gifts.

Justice for Ben!

Now that he has finished his crime spree, Ben Franklin will go back to his day job as a therapy dog for the station. His main beat involves de-escalating distressed children.

“Ben has two speeds: slow and sleeping, and he does both of them very well. He is great at helping calm children," Sergeant Johnson said. “You can't help but feel relaxed and better around him, he is a very calming influence."

I say Ben deserves all the toys this Christmas time.