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The Vancouver Aquarium Just Named An Octopus After Seth Rogen—And He Couldn't Be Happier 😍

Leon Bennett/FilmMagic, Nick Stone/EyeEm via Getty Images

An octopus has been named after Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen after a public naming contest.

The aquarium recently announced that the contenders were down to "Ceph Rogen" and "Octavia."

This prompted a fan to let Rogen him know that there could be a lucky cephalopod with his namesake:

The 36-year-old Vancouver native was quick to jump at the opportunity, remarking that he grew up going to the Vancouver Aquarium, and encouraging his fans to vote:

Once the votes were tallied, "Ceph Rogen" was the clear winner, amassing over 90% of the votes after Rogen's tweet.

It was only after the poll had begun that the aquarium learned that the octopus was actually a female:

Vancouver Aquarium Octopus named 'Ceph Rogen'

The Vancouver Aquarium broke the great news to Rogen, inviting him to visit his new friend:

It's fair to say that Rogen was pretty excited about the emphatic victory, which saw the second place "Octavia" humbled:

And Twitter was elated for him:

Rogen had a lot of support on hand for the octopus-naming efforts:

Although some thought there were other ways the Superbad star's name could have been shoe-horned in:

Others jumped on the naming train with punny celebrity names of their own:

For some though, only one question remains – when will Ceph meet Seth?

The Vancouver Aquarium has even offered Rogen a personal introduction to Ceph:

Your move Rogen.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.