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Dad Absolutely Goes Berserk After His Daughter Says She's Cooking Their Turkey In The Microwave

Frankie Fardette via YouTube

Happy turkey week!

As you may recall, this is the time of year that people text their parents asking:

"how do I cook a turkey in the microwave?"

The challenge started last year.

People had plenty of funny reactions from their parents to share:

This year, one dad in particular, in a video shared on November 20, was particularly upset at his daughter.

November 20, 2019

November 20, 2019

The dad starts out the video shouting at his daughter:

"You cannot cook a turkey in a microwave!"

He goes on to refuse her invitation to Thanksgiving.

In the second video, the family appears to be gathered around the dinner table, and the jig is up. But the dad is even more unhappy.

He screams at the family:

"She got me so wound up, I went to bed talking to myself."
"I woke up this morning still talking to myself."

Dads in general have not been having a good reaction to being told their children were microwaving their turkey.

While the other dads maybe did not get as, erm, verbose...gotta give this guy credit for unabashedly expressing his displeasure.

He continues yelling:

"You are all sick."

The challenge, while very popular last year, has lost momentum. Though little gems like these are still sneaking through.

If you try it and you get a reaction like this, please video it.

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