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Texas Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Unarmed Black Teen Found Guilty Of Murder

Screenshot Twitter via Texas Tribune

It almost never happens but this time it did. A historic verdict was passed down in the case against ex-police officer Roy Oliver for the murder of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. Guilty.

The case took national attention when Edwards was shot while sitting in the passengers seat of a car leaving a party full of teenagers. At the time of the shooting, Oliver claimed he feared for his partners life as the car was driving toward him, but footage from Oliver's body camera and testimony from his partner disputed that. In truth the car filled with teenagers was driving away from the officers when Oliver opened fire.

Social media exploded with the news of a guilty verdict.

The family of Edwards was finally able to get a bit of relief.

People were emotional hearing the verdict.


Reporter Alexa Ura broke it down why this is a big deal.

We wish the family of Jordan Edwards are deepest sympathies.

H/T: ABC, Dallas News