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Teen Goes Viral After Discovering Unusual Whisk Hack For Getting Rid Of Hickeys—And It Actually Works


TikTok lifehacks might be the next big movement that can change how we, as people, live our lives on a day-to-day basis. Some life hacks can really change our daily routines by saving us time or inconvenience, but some might just save our reputation.

For example, TikToker @mads.larocque's hack to make any outstanding hickeys disappear from visible areas. All you need is a whisk, and you're ready to rock.

Don't believe her? Check it out:


Guys I am so happy rn! Lifesaver!! #fyp #foryou #hickeyremoval #remedy

In order to get rid of any hickey, all you have to do is rub the metal of the whisk against the mark, and voila! In an instant, it will disappear and leave minimal evidence.

And the scientists agree that this method is, in fact, effective.

When you take a whisk to the affected area of a hickey, you are essentially spreading old pockets of blood around so that they no longer coagulate at the surface of the skin.

However, though effective, this way comes with certain risks, according to dermatologist Dr. Beth Goldstein.

Goldstein, talking to Insider, said that she'd recommend "time and coverup makeup" to deal with the hickey rather than "create more injury." The injury risk comes when the person applies the pressure of the whisk too greatly, potentially damaging major blood vessels.

The hack has now gone completely viral and is saving the lives of teenagers and professionals everywhere--teens, from their parents, and professionals, from their workplaces.

Though some people did report the hack did not exactly work for them, but others were reminiscing on their old-timey tactics for hiding and getting rid of hickeys:

So though it doesn't seem to be a universal fix, the whisk-hickey trick might just save you the next time you need it--so keep one handy, and thank TikTok for constantly changing our lives.