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Ted Cruz Dragged After Calling Democratic Party 'A Bunch Of Transgender Wacko Socialists'

Ted Cruz Dragged After Calling Democratic Party 'A Bunch Of Transgender Wacko Socialists'
Fox Business

Ever eloquent and distinguished Republican U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz is getting dragged to filth online after conjuring up what has to be the most melodramatic and ridiculous epithet for Democrats in history.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Cruz had a meltdown over the Inflation Reduction Act, which, if passed, would tackle two of Republicans' biggest bugaboos--inflation and the deficit--by making large economic investments in things like clean energy and healthcare while also reducing the federal deficit by more than $100 billion.

Nevertheless, Cruz threw a tantrum about the bill, calling the Democrats who designed it--wait for it--"transgender wacko socialists."

See his meltdown below.

Speaking to Fox's Larry Kudlow, Cruz caterwauled:

"JFK would be chased out of the Democratic Party and tarred and feathered today..."

It's unclear what Cruz was referencing, but it's likely he was in a snit about Republicans' favorite topic: taxes. But President Kennedy would hardly get Cruz's seal of approval today.

While Kennedy did lower taxes significantly during his administration, the rates he set are still orders of magnitude higher than today's: a corporate tax rate of 47% and a top marginal tax rate of 65%. Those figures stand today at 21% and 37%, respectively.

Cruz's comments only got more ridiculous from there.

"Texas used to be a one-party Democrat state, but much like the old commercial 'this is not your father's Oldsmobile', this is not your father's Democrat Party. these are a bunch of transgender wacko socialists."

Can someone get Cruz a paper bag to breathe into? He seems to be hyperventilating.

Perhaps it's because the Republican platform going into the 2022 midterms mostly centers on denying people's reproductive healthcare rights and hammering Democratic President Joe Biden as incompetent because of rising gas prices and inflation.

But a landslide victory for abortion rights in conservative Kansas Tuesday night shows that Republicans may have overplayed their hand on abortion, and gas prices are plummeting precipitously with no signs of stopping.

And with support for the Inflation Reduction Act nearing critical mass--without Biden's progressive tax proposals after revisions by Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema--it seems slurring Democrats as "transgender wacko socialists" may be all Republicans have left.

Suffice to say it doesn't seem to be working--Twitter is roasting Cruz like a pig on a spit.

The first vote on the Inflation Reduction Act will take place on Saturday, and with Sinema's sign-off is expected to pass.