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Ted Cruz Roasted After His Backwards 'Guarantee' Of What Would Happen If Biden Was Elected Resurfaces

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been wrong about many, many things in his time. A prediction he made back in July might just take the cake, hoewver.

During an interview on July 22, Cruz told The Hill that if Joe Biden won the presidential election in November, Democratic leaders would stop caring about the virus that same week.

Cruz claimed:

"I'll guarantee you the week after the election suddenly all those Democratic governors, all those Democratic mayors will say everything's magically better."
"Go back to work. Go back to school. Suddenly the problems are solved."

Of course, Cruz turned out to be dead wrong.

Several weeks removed from the election, the pandemic is more serious in the U.S. than it has ever been.

Many states are issuing additional restrictions and partially shutting down.

In this case, as in so many others, Cruz's prediction seems based on what he would do rather than what a responsible person might do.

The resurfaced clip did very little to help Cruz's reputation online.

For many, the video offered a perfect insight into why Cruz's opinions on public health shouldn't be taken seriously.

Suffering Texans would do well to remember Cruz's hot take and hold him accountable for it down the line.

With virus cases reaching record highs and deaths on the rise, it's more important than ever that American leadership, even Republican Senators like Ted Cruz, can unify to slow the spread of the disease.