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Swiftie Goes Viral After Making Good On Vow To Skydive If Taylor Swift Sang Her Favorite Song

TikToker @cyn.thiana made a promise to go skydiving if Swift's surprise song was 'Right Where You Left Me' during her 'Eras Tour' show in Santa Clara, California.

TikTok screenshot of @cyn.thiana; Taylor Swift
@cyn.thiana/TikTok; Emma McIntyre/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

A Swiftie has gone viral after making good on her promise to skydive if Taylor Swift sang her favorite song.

TikToker @cyn.thiana attended the singer's Eras Tour stop in Santa Clara, California last week and swore that if Swift's surprise song was "Right Where You Left Me," she would go skydiving.

The "Anti-Hero" singer has been surprising fans since the start of her tour in March with a "surprise song" each concert, and much to @cyn.thiana's delight, Swift opted for the TikToker's favorite song from the 2021 Evermore album.

And the Swiftie stayed true to her word.

You can watch the video below, which documented the promise she made, Swift singing her song and her skydiving.

Viewers of the viral video loved the moment and commended the Swiftie for keeping her word.

Many also shared their hopes that the singer herself sees the video.

The singer was set to wrap up the North American leg of the tour in Los Angeles.

But Swift just announced she will return to North America in 2024 after adding 15 new dates in the U.S. and Canada.

To quote the singer:

"Turns out it's NOT the end of an era."