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Taylor Swift's Dive Into The Stage During Her Concert Was So Good Even Katie Ledecky Is In Awe

The singer left audiences stunned—including the Olympic gold medalist—with her perfect dive on stage.

TikTok screenshot of Taylor Swift; Katie Ledecky
@domcielak/TikTok; Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has not even been on her "Eras" tour for a week, but already she is making a splash on social media.

Her latest on-stage stunt has fans, including seven-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky, in awe.

During a recent performance in Glendale, Swift stunned fans when she walked down the stage and proceeded to execute a perfect dive into the stage, disappearing into the floor and re-emerging in the set clouds.

The dive quickly went viral, with awestruck Swifties posting video footage to Twitter and TikTok.

Like this one claiming the "Lavender Haze" singer can do it all.

And this TikTok suggesting the singer should dive into another career.


Since when?? Where’s that gold medal?? #glendaletstheerastour #taylorswift #tstheerastour #swifttok #diver #swimmer #fyp

Possibly our favorite response, however, is from super-human athlete Katie Ledecky, no stranger to the water herself.

The swimmer, who just happens to hold two world records, recently tweeted about Swift's incredible endurance, stamina and overall athleticism.

"Three-hour shows."
"@taylorswift13 is definitely a distance swimmer."

A fan of both then asked Ledecky:

"What do you think about Taylor's underwaters here 👀"

It turns out that T-Swift's form is Ledecky-approved.

The First Lady of Freestyle responded:

"10/10 dive but may have gone past 15m underwater."

Some on Twitter jokingly agreed with Ledecky's 15 meter violation observation.

And many, especially fans of both the swimmer and the singer, loved the response.

And some fans begged Ledecky to judge the plunges on the regular.

That's kind of a brilliant idea, actually. We're looking forward to more videos of Swift's tour stunts...and more of Ledecky's evaluations.