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If You Think You Could Win A Point Off Serena Williams, Watch This Video Of Her Absolutely Obliterating 5 Dudes At The Same Time

If You Think You Could Win A Point Off Serena Williams, Watch This Video Of Her Absolutely Obliterating 5 Dudes At The Same Time
Dude Perfect/YouTube / @JersyStrong11/Twitter

The newly resurfaced 2016 video from YouTubers Dude Perfect showcases Serena Williams' phenomenal accuracy and talent, and shows why no amateur has a hope of scoring a point on her.

Even if they're one in eight random men on the internet.

Given Williams' 23 Grand Slam wins, this may seem like something that very few people would aspire to. It would seem that is not the case, however.

A recent poll of UK citizens by YouGov found that 1 in 8 men (12%) thought that they could score a point on Serena in a tennis match.

In case anyone has any doubts about Serena's astounding tennis abilities, here is Dude Perfect's video to clear up the confusion:

Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude

Even with all 5 of the guys on the court, they're barely able to even think about keeping up with Serena.

Despite her utterly wiping the floor with them, the guys of Dude Perfect are so enthusiastic about collaborating with Williams, and with her amazing skills!

Twitter users were thoroughly impressed with Serena's performance after Rob Bennet shared a clip from the video.

They also loved how supportive everyone was of Serena and that everyone was having fun.

The video renewed some people's respect for Williams' level of tennis skill.

The hubris required for some random dude on the street to assume that they can best a professional athlete at their chosen sport was astounding to some.


Serena may have been having fun and thoroughly enjoying herself in the video, but that didn't hurt her ability to perform in the slightest. There's no denying that her tennis skills are the real thing.

She has devoted her entire life to the game of tennis, even working through blood clots and other health complications after the birth of her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian, with husband Alexis Kerry Ohanian, in 2017.

If anyone hopes to match her skill on the court they will have to be just as devoted and put in just as much effort as Serena.


The HBO documentary series Being Serena: Her Story, Her Words is available here.

"HBO Sports and IMG's Original Content group team up once again for a five-part documentary series chronicling tennis icon Serena Williams at a pivotal moment in her personal and professional life. Being Serena will give viewers unprecedented access to Williams during her pregnancy, new motherhood and marriage, while documenting her journey back to regain her longtime supremacy on the court. Viewers will experience Serena's life from every angle, as each half-hour episode delves into her landmark career, her family life, and her expanding role as a businesswoman and investor in the worlds of tech, fashion, fitness, philanthropy and, of course, tennis."