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Talented Dad Uses Sons' Artwork As Inspiration To Create Incredible Anime Illustrations 😮

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Thomas Romain is a French illustrator and animator best known for creating Code Lyoko, an animated science-fiction series.

But lately, Romain is going viral for transforming his son's creative drawings into epic anime characters.

While Romain's two sons aren't as advanced as their father (yet), it's clear they share the same talent and incredible imaginative ability.

Check out some of the shocking and inspiring transformations below.

Romain takes simple (yet creative) drawings from his two sons, ages 9 and 12, and uses them as inspiration for epic anime characters. Since his tweets have gone viral, the French illustrator has published a book featuring these awesome father-son collaborations.

Here's Thomas with his two sons alongside their artwork.

It's inspiring to see a father and his sons take their creative work to new heights!

This one is EXTREMELY epic, look at the brilliance on display!

Here's a quick look at the book Traits De Famille created by Romain and his talented sons.

The internet can't get enough of their awesome artwork.

People are inspired by the father-son collaborations.

Much respect to Thomas for being an amazing father and passing on his impressive craft. We can't wait to see how the Romain boys progress and improve their artwork!

H/T: Thomas Romain, News18