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Woman Asks If She Would Be Wrong To Request A Refund After Her Takeout Had Bible Verses Written All Over It

Woman Asks If She Would Be Wrong To Request A Refund After Her Takeout Had Bible Verses Written All Over It
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Delivery/take out food is one of the posher elements of middle class life.

You kick your feet up, spend a few minutes on your phone, do whatever you want in your own home for about 15 minutes, and then dinner arrives.

For one woman, all that convenience came at a price—dinner along side the Christian faith.

Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum is aptly named. People explain a recent experience or encounter they've had, describe their actions and motivations throughout the conflict, and ask if, indeed, they were an a**hole.

Reddit user "Sbbazzz" recently took to the site to ask how she ought to respond to what she feels was a restaurant faux pas.

After she and her husband received their food from a "small restaurant in town," they quickly noticed that the packaging was enough to throw them off.

"The thing is, EVERY takeout item they wrote some sort of Bible verse. Upon looking on their website they don't appear to be overly religious."

She then outlined her beef, and wondered what was the best next move.

"I just think it's really messed up to push your religion on someone like that and I wish I would've ordered."
"What do you guys think? Was this over the top and I'm justified in requesting a refund?"

The Reddit community came in hot with wide-ranging takes regarding her possible request for a refund.

A few agreed with her taking issue over what felt like imposed religion.

One Redditor put it very simply.

"Religion is like Dick. It's fine and all to have, it's cool that you are proud of it, just don't go shoving it down my throat or anything." -- Bastianator

Another supported her in being struck by the packaging.

But they considered some current events may be at play.

"What kind of Bible verses were they? The 'repent or burn in hell' kind or the 'this too shall pass' kind?"
"It's rude to push religion on people when you don't know what they believe, but I think that right now, a lot of people are trying to show their support for each other and sometimes that takes the form of religion."
"Not everyone realizes how rude people outside of their religion might consider overt displays of religious well-wishes." -- SecretlyFBI

Most, however, thought demanding money back was too intense a response to the versed packaging.

"Based on the available info, your reaction is dramatic and uncalled for. Just throw the packaging out and eat you darn food." -- LG227
"Pathetic that seeing a Bible verse triggers you this hard lol" -- Impossible_Pianist
"Who cares. With everything else going on in the world how is this what for your panties in a bunch? Let it go." -- amicoolnowguyz
"You would be within your rights to call in and ask that they not scribble their religion all over your packaging."
"You cannot demand a refund because somebody wrote their nonsense on your packaging when your food was not tampered with." -- Upgradedcannonfodder
"Was the food good? Did you get what you ordered? Did it arrive in a timely fashion? That's all that's important." -- tappytaps

Others offered alternatives to a refund that would still provide her some satisfaction.

"At the very least I'd write a complaint about it on Yelp or Google reviews or something and letting them know that it made you uncomfortable." -- antinatalistFtM
"I'd call the restaurant and explain what happened to a manager. If the manager/owner didn't know an employee was doing that, they may offer a refund or a voucher for your next meal free."
"If the manager knew and didn't realize that it may be unwanted, they may offer the same again."
"If the manager knew and doesn't care, well, now you know not to order from there again." -- therealmegluvsu

One comment put this into perspective.

"I'm envious that you have so few problems in your life that you have the energy to be offended over this." -- MrsB16

There are certainly worse things that could be happening. But forcing your beliefs on others still isn't cool.

So what is the right thing to do?