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Director Taika Waititi Just Totally Trolled Marvel Fans On Instagram Live With A Fake Script Starring A Very Alive Tony Stark

Taika Waititi—the director of Thor: Ragnarok (as well as other amazing films like Jojo Rabbit and What We Do In The Shadows)—announced on Wednesday, April 8, he'd be returning on Thursday to do a live-via-Instagram commentary of his hit Marvel film.

What he most likely didn't tell Marvel Studios was that he had an expert-level troll in mind for all the fans who decided to tune in.

Waititi—a well-known jokester—made it clear what tone the stream would be taking with this tweet, sent minutes before it started.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of Taika's commentary, however, came as he showed off some concept art from his upcoming film, Thor: Love and Thunder.

As Waititi panned across his desk, a script for an upcoming MCU film was conveniently positioned in the background.

The script, an obvious troll from the director, featured the return of the late Tony Stark, who re-enters the world of the living with this impressive line:



Stark explains that he and Thanos have both been revived through "science" and quickly lets Thor know that it is, in fact, "GO TIME."


In a move comic book fans are surely going to make a fuss about, Tony decides to rename The Avengers, deciding "The Avengererers" is preferable.

At least the team is back together!


The internet knew exactly what they signed up for when Waititi went live and were in tears over his prank.

Taika's joke script wasn't the only highlight of his stream—the "commentary" also featured appearances from Ragnarok stars Mark Ruffalo and Tessa Thompson!

When it comes to Thor, Waititi is the undisputed master.

Could Marvel have predicted their promotional commentary would end this way?

If you love Tony Stark, be sure to catch his epic return in Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder—it's sure to be a barn-burner.

Waititi's Jojo Rabbit—nominated for six Academy Awards for which Waititi won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay—is available here.