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NBC's Meet The Press held a panel on anti-Asian violence, moderated by host Chuck Todd, that had one glaring error in its membership. People quickly noticed the issue, but it apparently escaped the notice of the people at Meet The Press.

Take a look below:

That's right—not one single member of the panel on anti-Asian violence was an Asian person.

The majority of the panel was white, with the exception of Eddie Glaude, Jr., the Chair of the Center for African American Studies and the Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University.

This puts NBC and Meet The Press on the same tier as Fox News, who also did not include any Asian people on their panel on anti-Asian violence.

Meanwhile, ABC, CNN and CBS all featured high-profile Asian-American lawmakers, including Democratic Representative Judy Chu of California and Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.

The uptick in violence against the Asian-American/Pacific Islander community has resulted in deaths and unprovoked assaults on Asian people.

The absence of Asian voices in a space where violence is being perpetrated against them likely will not deter further violence from occurring.