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Mr Mucus dancing by fire; Mr Mucus brushing teeth; Mr. Mucus dancing

Probably the last thing anyone would think of when they think of phlegm is "sex symbol."

Or is it?

Somehow against all odds Mucinex's mascot Mr. Mucus has become a sex symbol on Instagram.

On their Instagram account, the cartoon blob isn't shown. Instead, photos are posted of someone in a costume with a grimace and a blank stare.

While the costume itself isn't sexy, people are still flocking to the comments section to hit on whomever is inside the green mucus in flannel and jeans.

oh myyy GIFGiphy

In one video, Mr. Mucus acts out his resolutions.

"In 2023, I’m living my sickest life! Here are my Flu Year’s Resolutions."

In another video Mr. Mucus can be seen dancing by a bonfire.

Apparently, some people think...

paris hilton thats hot GIFGiphy

...that's hot.

The only thing that might be funnier are the comments.

People were astonished by the Instagram love for Mr. Mucus.

The United Kingdom based company that makes Mucinex, Reckitt Benckiser, hasn't yet commented on the sudden swooning over their mascot.

Until then, lets all enjoy the reactions to this lovable mucus blob.