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Documentary Clip Of Two Male Albatrosses Adorably Courting Each Other Has Twitter Swooning

In the newest update to the saga of David Attenborough-narrated documentaries about nature, an episode of Frozen Planet II featured a courtship of two male albatrosses.

Albatrosses—large ocean going birds with a wingspan that can reach 12 feet—are colonial, nesting mostly on remote oceanic islands with several species all nesting together. Pair bonds form over several years with the use of "ritualised dances" and last for the life of the bonded pair.

The albatross population on this island skews towards more males, as females are often directly affected more by fishing and hunters.

So these two males are giving it a go.

The albatrosses in a same-sex partnership | Frozen Planet II -

Because the combination of Attenborough narrating things and gay animals is irresistible, the internet was quick to celebrate.

Some people found the difference between the albatrosses' courtship and the status of their own love lives to be less than favorable.

Still others, commenting on incidents covered in the documentary thus far, were worried about the fate of the albatrosses.

And then asking an important question, someone referenced a meme about asking your significant other if they would love you if you turned into a...

Probably yes, honestly.

New episodes of Frozen Planet II are airing on BBC currently and is licensed for broadcast on BBC America in the future.

Who knows?

Maybe we'll get lesbian orcas next.