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Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images; @Sethrogen/Twitter

Alright, everyone, how are we doing so far in this quarantine? Hanging in there? Ready to pull your hair out? Spending hours making a mental list of all of the things you'd sacrifice just to go sit in an Applebee's for 15 minutes and eat a quesadilla with a bunch of very annoying strangers just to feel normal again?

Pretty sure everyone's answer is, "Yeah same" at this point--even Hollywood stars, it turns out. We speak specifically of comedic actor Seth Rogen, who recently discovered a fun new activity for those of us looking for things to occupy our rapidly decaying minds.

All you need is a juvenile appreciation for the classics of comedy and an Amazon Alexa, which, as Rogen discovered, will make an endless and multi-faceted array of fart noises on command. Who knew!

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