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Titan Sub Victim's Stepson Slammed After Lamenting Not Being Able To 'Get Laid' Despite Inheritance

Billionaire Hamish Harding's stepson, Brian Szasz, is in hot water once again after tweeting about his 'millions' not being able to get him any girls.

Brian Szasz; Hamish Harding
@audioguy182/Twitter; Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images

Brian Szasz - Blink 182 superfan and stepson of billionaire Hamish Harding who perished on the Titan submersible last month - has found himself in hot water once again over his tasteless Tweets.

After being scorned by the internet, complete with an online feud with Cardi B, for attending a Blink 182 concert while the search was underway for the missing submersible with his stepfather on board, Szasz's latest online antics have social media users calling him out... again.

Szasz had previously deleted his Twitter account, not just as a result of the backlash he received from his concert tweets, but also because of the criticism he garnered following comments he made to a near-naked OnlyFans model while the fate of the Titan was still uncertain.

But he's back and unashamed as ever, letting the world know that even his inheritance he can't "get laid."

He tweeted:

"With millions to spare, I still can't get laid!"



Szasz also added:

"With all this cash I just want a girl to hangout with please!"

When one user asked Szasz how much he was left in the will, adding, "Anything more than $0 is too much," Szasz responded:

"More than you'll make in a lifetime."


As you can imagine, these posts did not sit well with people on Twitter.

And several could name a reason or two Szasz is experiencing difficulty in that area.

Of course Szasz won't be the sole heir to Harding's fortune. It will have to be divided between his stepbrothers, Harding's two sons and likely his wife and sister, as well.

But as Twitter has pointed out, it's not the size of the inheritance that really matters.