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Sydney Sweeney Epically Calls Out Influencer Who Falsely Claimed To Be Her 'Dietitian'

The 'Madame Web' star has fans applauding after she called out an Instagram influencer who claimed she had been Sweeney's dietitian 'for five years' and helped her get her 'dream role.'

TikTok screenshot of 'dietician'; Sydney Sweeney
@cheesebread1552/TikTok; Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

A social media influencer who falsely claimed to be Sydney Sweeney's dietitian "for five years" and helped the actor get her "dream role" was shut down by Sweeney herself, and people online are cheering.

A video posted by a now-deleted account stated the White Lotus star's "favorite comfort food" was Kraft mac and cheese before she was convinced by the "dietician" to swap for brands with "natural ingredients" and more protein. She allegedly also "drenched" her food in ranch dressing.

But all of this is completely false according to Sweeney who called out the influencer on their own video, writing:

“I don’t know you and kraft mac n cheese is for life.”


You can see below.


Sydney Slay @sydney sweeney #sydneysweeneyedits

Though the video was ultimately deleted along with the account, social media users were quick to screenshot Sweeney's response.

Viewers of her comment applauded the Madame Web star for setting the record straight and not allowing the account to bait others with lies.

Many, of course, also seconded Sweeney's position on mac and cheese.

Several also noted the incorrect spelling of dietitian should have been a major clue.

Another person reminded the Twitterverse of a similar incident that occurred when Anne Hathaway was accused of being on a 500-calorie-a-day "crash diet" of apples and protein shakes to lose weight for her role in Les Misérables.

Kudos to Sweeney for calling out this account. Hopefully others will follow suit!