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Someone Had The Audacity To Flush A Toilet During The Supreme Court's Oral Arguments, And Twitter Is Floored

Darren Robb/Getty Images ; Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

With the Supreme Court separated due to the global pandemic, history was made with the first live-streamed oral arguments.

However the SCOTUS was not immune to the foibles many others working from home have faced.

While the arguments were being delivered, a toilet could be heard flushing in the background.

It certainly sounded like one of the justices took a small potty break during the trial.

Why not, when they're working from home?

Twitter couldn't help but joke about the historic flush heard round the world.

No doubt the flush will be remembered by posterity.

Could the flushing justice have been trying to send a message?

Everyone who wasn't watching the Supreme Court proceedings wished they had been.

And now the investigation has begun to determine who exactly was the rogue toilet flusher?

Putting aside the obvious humor of the toilet flush, the Supreme Court is continuing to make historic decisions remotely.

None of us will ever forget the fateful day a toilet weighed in on a Supreme Court case.

The documentary RBG is available here.