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WATCH: Cow Escapes Twice From Live Philadelphia Nativity Scene

WATCH: Cow Escapes Twice From Live Philadelphia Nativity Scene

A cow that was part of a live nativity scene at a church in Philadelphia escaped not once, but twice Thursday morning.

Stormy the cow was clearly not having any of the holy tradition, and decided to run off. According to ABC 6 News, in her first daring escape at 2:15AM, the 7.5-year-old Hereford made it to I-95, shutting down a few lanes of the highway before being captured by police and animal control workers.

Stormy waited a while before plotting her next escape. And this time it was right in front of ABC 6's Action News cameras.

At 6:20AM, according to the station, she first escaped into the churchyard near the nativity enclosure, but soon she was back out on the streets. Reverend Michael Caine "urged" Stormy back into the yard, but it was too late. She was off.

The bewildered Philadelphia Police Department took to Twitter to warn drivers of a potential cow hazard:

Eventually Stormy made her way to the fourth level of an Old Town parking garage, where officers once again managed to corral her:

Twitter was impressed with Stormy's tenacity:

While it's unclear how Stormy managed to escape, Reverend Caine told ABC 6 that people had expressed concern for the animals, considering the cold temperatures. But he assured everyone that the live nativity, which has been a staple of the church's Christmas festivities since 1973, has a farmer on hand who cares for the animals, as well as a veterinarian who makes sure they're healthy.

Caine also said that it appeared the enclosure had been tampered with.

Apparently the church didn't want to risk a three-peat, and, after briefly bringing her back to the enclosure, decided to replace Stormy in the nativity scene. But don't worry, Stormy was brought back safe and sound to Manatawna Farm in Roxborough.

Her understudy (or is it udderstudy?), Ginger, was then brought in as a replacement:

No word yet on whether Ginger will follow in Stormy's hoof prints and attempt any breakouts, but the Philadelphia police are more prepared than they ever thought they would be:

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H/T: ABC 6, Twitter