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Stephen King Just Slammed Trump's Government Shutdown With A Brutally Blunt Tweet

John Lamparski/WireImage, Win McNamee/Getty Images

The master of horror fiction, Stephen King, is an outspoken Donald Trump critic. These days, instead of writing about things that keep us up at night, King takes to Twitter and castigates Donald Trump – whose ideologies and rhetoric actually do terrify most Americans.

At least we hope they do.

2018 revealed how active The Shining author was on social media with his incisive tweets denouncing the Trump administration. He strayed fro horror and wrote plenty about politics, which is just as scary.

Mashable compiled some of King's best scorchers from 2018, and as far as we're concerned, these tweets are on point.

I don't want to see these buttons.

King goes after Trump's base.

Truth is scarier than fiction.

We always seem to be on the brink of some kind of destruction.

Can a seat belt really save our lives?

Let's just say this does not reflect well on 45.

Oh, you definitely intended to be "snarky," Mr. King. And we're here for it.

We wish this was a fictional character from one of his novels.

A simple explanation.

The Brits were very well prepared to greet Trump.

Here is the tweet that won the internet last year.

This year is already off to quite a start. But it is sure to provide plenty of material for the master of horror to echo what some of us can't put into words.