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Dog 'Performs' CPR On His Human In Viral Video—But Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Dog 'Performs' CPR On His Human In Viral Video—But Appearances Can Be Deceiving

In a viral video, a dog named Poncho came to the aid of his partner who pretended to be unresponsive for an elaborate demonstration.

Poncho ran out and performed what appeared to be CPR by jumping up and down on the man's chest and even paused to check for vitals.

Is Poncho's technique effective? Not by a long shot, but who cares? We're all in love with him.

The tweet posted by Madrid's police department is translated to read:

"Heroic" acting by our #fourleggedfriend Poncho who did not doubt a second to "save the life" of a policeman by giving him CPR in a brilliant way. A dog is the only being in the world who will love you more than itself - John Billings

Before people lost their minds over Poncho appearing to perform miracles, this user brought us back down to earth.

Spanish police spokesman Fernando Rodriguez told Euronews that the act was "just a stunt."

Poncho was trained to do this number for school visits, he doesn't actually know how to perform CPR. In fact, there's no dog in the world who's trained to do that.

The near-vaudevillian presentation was meant to encourage pet adoption, and it also served as a reminder for humans that there is no excuse not to learn how to perform CPR.

However, Rodriguez assures that Poncho is still a dog with high-stakes responsibilities as an explosives-sniffer.

He's trained to go at it alone, that's why he carries the blue light on his back.

Dogs like Poncho pouncing on your chest may not actually save your life, but they would make for the perfect alarm to wake you up in the mornings.

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