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Cyclist Sprinting To Race's Finish Line Smashes Hard Into Woman Who Was Looking At Her Phone

Cyclist Sprinting To Race's Finish Line Smashes Hard Into Woman Who Was Looking At Her Phone

A cyclist competing in the Cicloturista Condaca Salmor bike event in Spain's Canary Islands was riding high, as he was about to cross the finish line and come in first place.

But sadly, the race ended for the unnamed cyclist in tragedy, after a bystander, walked across the finish line, looking and her phone and without paying attention to her surroundings.

This resulted in a horrific crash, which was captured on video.

The brief but shocking video shows the cyclist racing down the hill at a noticeable distance from his nearest competitor.

But then a woman dressed all in black stepped on to the race course, and in almost an instant was knocked down by the cyclist, with her phone seen flying into the air.

Screams could be heard from the stands as the crash occurred.

Shortly before the crash, another bystander could be seen walking across the race course, but as he actually watched where he was going, was considerably luckier than the unidentified woman and made it across without incident.

As reported by Cyclists Weekly, emergency services arrived at the scene of the crash around 3pm.

A spokesperson from the Canary Islands' emergency services released a statement regarding the crash.

"An injured cyclist in El Hierro has been taken to hospital following a collision with another person."
"The information we received was that the cyclist had run over another person during a sporting event."
"The cyclist appeared from a first evaluation to be suffering from non-serious head injuries."
"The woman who had been knocked over was treated at the scene by medical services covering the event."
"A police investigation into the incident is underway."

Local news outlet Canarias 7reported that the cyclist was taken to Hospital Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes and suffered a minor head injury which resulted in brief memory loss.

It was also reported that the woman was airlifted to Tenerife, but this has not been confirmed.

As the video became more widespread, stunned viewers took to Twitter to express their shock and disbelief.

While there was ample concern and sympathy for the cyclist, who saw his victory disappear in the blink of an eye, there was very little love for the unnamed woman in the crash.

There was also some understandable displeasure at the fact the race track wasn't sufficiently protected by event staff.

While the race course, including the finishing line, was roped and barricaded, Cycling Weekly reports that a majority of spectators ignored them to get closer to and take pictures of the racers.

Horrific as this crash was for the poor cyclist and the oblivious woman, it thankfully didn't result in anything close to the crash at this past year's Tour de France, where a fan caused a massive pile up as a result of trying to send a message to her grandparents.

While a police investigation is underway regarding the crash in the Canary Islands, no charges have been filed.

It was a sad end to the race, in which 270 cyclists competed.