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Someone Turned 'Aladdin' Into A Crass, Beer-Chugging 'Street Rat' In A New Animated Parody Trailer

Someone Turned 'Aladdin' Into A Crass, Beer-Chugging 'Street Rat' In A New Animated Parody Trailer

It would seem people are getting a little tired of the faithful live action remakes of classic Disney films. Instead, they want something a little more… street.

A fake trailer for Aladdin: Street Rat Edition was uploaded to YouTube.

Aladdin - Street Rat Edition -TRAILER (2019)

In the trailer, Aladdin resembles a more modern idea of a street rat. He's tatted up, has bloodshot eyes, smokes and drinks, and has actual nipples.

It's a jarring video to watch, especially the trippy ending. Is this really what people want?

Yes. Yes, it is.

The fake trailer is pretty impressive, with some seamless art added into the Disney film. There are many details you won't see on the first viewing, so it's recommended you watch multiple times.

Part of the charm is the way scenes and character reactions are reworked into their new context. And honestly, just coming up with this idea takes a bit of genius.

But good lord, is it horrifying.

This video is a little different for that the YouTube account Tommy Stanfield usually uploads. While he pretends these scenes are all clips he found in movies, the other videos on the channel are live action edits, changing the sound or visuals to completely change the context of scenes.

Other films that get this kind of treatment include The Matrix Revolutions, Swordfish, and You've Got Mail. However this is the first animated video uploaded to the channel.

Maybe if we're lucky, the live action movie will get the same treatment, but fans don't seem too optimistic.

If there's one thing Disney should've learned by now, it's to tread lightly when remaking childhood classics.