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Snickers Hilariously Shuts Down NSFW Rumor They Removed The 'D*ck Vein' From Their Candy Bar

Snickers Hilariously Shuts Down NSFW Rumor They Removed The 'D*ck Vein' From Their Candy Bar
Mustafa Kamaci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Fear not, candy lovers—the "vein" lives on.

Popular candy bar Snickers, product of candy company Mars, made headlines recently for responding to a hilarious risqué rumor that began spreading on Twitter like wildfire.

The rumor, popularized by a Twitter post by @BarefootTasha_, suggested that the candy brand removed the ever-popular and suggestive nicknamed "dick vein" from their candy bars.

The "dick vein" refers to the chocolate covered caramel drizzle that usually tops the Snickers bar and protrudes out of the bar in an awkwardly similar fashion to a large vein that one might see on a organ.

Twitter user @BarefootTasha_ spread the now-viral rumor after opening a Snickers bar to find the outside uncharacteristically smooth and missing said vein.

She took to Twitter and posted a photo of the Snickers bar.

She wrote:

"Who took the dick vein out out of Snickers"

The post gained traction quickly, with many Twitter users expressing upset over the removal of the "dick vein."

While some users joked about the suggestive nature of the so-called "dick vein," other users were genuinely outraged that Snickers was supposedly now leaving out what many considered to be the best part of the chocolate bar.

The rumor blew up so much that Snickers took to Twitter and was quick to correct the assertion, assuring Twitter users that the candy bar @BarefootTasha_ bought must have a rare occurrence during production, while even hilariously embracing the NSFW nature of the topic.

They wrote:

"Good news, contrary to what's trending on Twitter...THE VEINS REMAIN!"

Twitter users are chuckling over the whole situation.

The rumor was so impactful on the internet that even before Snickers responded to the rumor, popular myth-busting site Snopes released a fact check on the subject.

The wrote:

"Mars has not removed a 'dick vein' from candy bars after being pressured by a 'woke mob.' In fact, we find no calls for this 'vein' to be removed."
"In the wake of these changes, many people made jokes about other candies that needed be desexualized, such as the Snickers bar and its "dick vein," which social media users have been poking fun of since at least 2009."

Rest assured, candy lovers.

The vein isn't going anywhere...for now!