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Someone Pointed Out How Much Selena Gomez's Dress Looks Like Mar-A-Lago's Carpet—And It's Uncanny

Someone Pointed Out How Much Selena Gomez's Dress Looks Like Mar-A-Lago's Carpet—And It's Uncanny
Frazer Harrison/WireImage/Getty Images; James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Actress Selena Gomez—who currently stars in the hit comedy series Only Murders in the Building—had social media users doing a double-take after she showed up at an event wearing a dress featuring gold patterns that bears a striking resemblance to the carpet at former Republican President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

A photo of Gomez wearing her dress juxtaposed against the mansion's carpet made the rounds on Twitter after catching the eye of freelance writer and political strategist Marisa Kabas.

You can see it below.

Mar-a-Lago's carpet recently grabbed the world's attention after the Department of Justice (DOJ) included a photograph in a court filing of classified documents seized from Trump's home turned paid membership resort and event space last month.

The DOJ sought a search warrant after "obtaining evidence that highly classified documents were likely concealed and that Mr. Trump’s representatives had falsely claimed all sensitive material had been returned," according to The New York Times, which broke the news about the court filing.

The filing came after Trump requested an independent review of materials seized from Mar-a-Lago following a search that found three classified documents in desks in Trump's office as well as more than 100 documents in 13 boxes or containers with classification markings, some with the highest restrictions.

Included in the filing was a photograph of several yellow edged documents recovered from Trump's home turned paid resort marked “Top Secret” and another red one labeled “Secret.”

At the time, more than a few people commented on the carpet, which was not particularly well reviewed.

Gomez's dress gave social media users a much needed laugh amid the ongoing investigations into Trump's criminality.

Gomez has previously been open about her disdain for Trump and his policies while he was in office.

In April 2020—about six months before the presidential election Trump lost—Gomez told Vogue Trump's draconian immigration policies threatened the American dream. Gomez, who identifies as a Mexican-American woman, said "immigration goes beyond politics and political debates—it’s a human issue."

Gomez—who became the world's youngest UNICEF ambassador in 2009 at age 17—resolved to continue her work helping children and to encourage young people to vote.