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School Kicks Out Little Girl Who'd Attended Since Pre-K After She's Adopted By Same-Sex Couple

School Kicks Out Little Girl Who'd Attended Since Pre-K After She's Adopted By Same-Sex Couple
Emily Elizabeth Parker / Facebook

A little girl was expelled by her Christian school after she was adopted by a same-sex couple. The school said they couldn’t accept her guardians’ “lifestyle choices.”

Emily and Jennie Parker received a call at the start of the month from their new 5-year-old daughter’s school, Bible Baptist Academy in DeQuincy, Louisiana who informed them that they would need to find another school.

The story was shared by the couple on their Facebook page.

The child, Zoey, lost her dad in an industrial accident. Luckily, her biological aunt and her wife adopted her to keep the family together.

Before being adopted, Zoey attended pre-k classes at the Baptist Academy. After she was adopted by Emily and Jennie, a pastor from the school called the couple to say she was no longer welcome, since her guardians are in a same-sex relationship.

Emily says they were contacted only two days before school started to be given the bad news.

This was heartbreaking to the family, as Zoey had built up friendships with other students and teachers at the academy.

Emily said:

“My child has lost so much. Her mother, her father, her whole life has been wrenched away before her 5th birthday. And now… her education, her friends, and her teachings of the God that she loves and I support.”

“Look at this girl and tell me you would judge her Bc of her parents choices...”

Their story has people up in arms over the ban. They feel that the school is being hypocritical with their decision.

In response, the Bible Baptist Academy released a statement explaining their position.

It reads:

“As a Baptist academy, we are also committed to provide an environment that is consistent with the beliefs that we hold. We want our students to not only know our beliefs, but we want them to see them as well.”

“Regarding personal relationships, we hold that those relationships, whether in dating or in marriage, should be between a man and a woman.”

However, people weren’t convinced.

The family has been able to find other accommodations. Zoey is attending a different Christian school and Emily excitedly shared pictures of her first day.

In the meantime, people are still calling out Bible Baptist Academy for their backwards thinking.