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Samuel L. Jackson Promises Lessons On 'How To Swear' If Enough Of His Fans Register To Vote


Literally nobody swears like Samuel L. Jackson.

As someone who made history with the line "I'm tired of these motherf'king snakes on this motherf'king plane," and who is well known as the narrator of the book "Go The F'k To Sleep" and its sequel "Stay The F'k At Home"—written in response to social distancing measures in the ongoing pandemic—you could say he literally makes a living off of swearing.

Now? He's offering swearing lessons. The catch?

You must make sure you're registered to vote.

Not only will he teach you to swear, he will teach you to swear in 15 different languages.

People are jumping at the chance to be instructed in the ways of the swear by non other than Samuel L. Jackson himself.

In terms of who Jackson is supporting in the upcoming election?

In signature swearing style, Jackson has made it very clear that he does not support "that motherf'ker," Donald Trump.

If it takes swearing lessons from Samuel L. Jackson to vote, that option is now available to you.

Just vote.