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If You've Never Seen A Duck In A Wheelchair, Today Is Your Lucky Day

Rescue pet gets some custom wheels to help him keep going.

If You've Never Seen A Duck In A Wheelchair, Today Is Your Lucky Day

Like most of his kind Merlin is a natural on the water.

When it came to life on dry land though he was just a sitting duck.

Merlin the rescue duck was born with a leg deformity that makes it very tough for him to get around. Fortunately for Merlin the people at Goats of Anarchy decided to take him in.

The non-profit group out of Hamptom, New Jersey serves as a rescue, rehab and adoption center for handicapped pets with special needs.

But while the group was familiar with the mobility devices some of their other rescue animals used they had never seen one that would work for a duck.

That's when Walkin' Pets stepped up to lend Merlin a helping flipper.

Wait, what are duck feet called‽

Watch him in action here.

Merlin the Duck from Goats of Anarchy in a Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair!Youtube/

Through their website Walkin' Pets educate owners about caring for disabled pets.

The group also sells wheelchairs and other devices to help disabled pets get around.

But until they heard Merlin's story they hadn't yet created one for a duck, so they decided to take on the project.

After completing their new "Walkin' Wheels Duck Wheelchair" for Merlin the New Hampshire group traveled to GOA in New Jersey to deliver Merlin his new set of custom wheels and see his first steps.

In no time at all Merlin was on his feet and walking around.

Walkin' Pets/

The images of Merlin in his new chair were an overload of cuteness.

Many took the time to praise the kind folks who hooked Merlin up and gave him a new lease on life.

Thankfully everything was covered by Merlin's insurance, otherwise it would have had to go on his bill.