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Rescue Dog Who Was Left Severely Disfigured Due To Abuse Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After

Rescue Dog Who Was Left Severely Disfigured Due To Abuse Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After
Kasey Carlin/PA

A dog that was left severely disfigured after suffering severe abuse in Russia has found a new home in the UK.

Millie was “stomped on" and shot several times, causing the bones in her face to shatter.

She was spotted online by Kasey Carlin, 22, who immediately reached out to the shelter in Moscow and asked to adopt the animal.

She said:

“The first video I saw of Millie was her rescue video."
“She was just this little puppy, cowering and screaming and trying to breathe because in the front half of her nose the bones were just completely shattered."

Crowdfunding raised over £12,000 ($15,460) to bring Millie and another dog, Mitya, over to the UK and have surgery.

Ms Carlin, who lives near Brighton, said vets suspected Millie had been “stomped on" and shot several times with a pellet gun which injured her badly but did not kill her.

Kasey Carlin owns three dogs, Millie, left to right, Mishka and Maggie (Kasey Carlin/PA)

Despite the trauma she says Millie is now a “very happy dog".

“She's fully healed and in no pain – the vet's given her the all-clear."
“The only thing I could possibly complain about, but I can't even complain about it, is that she drools when she's hungry because she's missing that part of her jaw. But I drool when I'm hungry too."

Millie recently attended the opening of an exclusive dog-friendly members club, which was attended by Pippa Middleton's brother.

Ms. Carlin said:

“You can imagine the pain she was in for so long from the hands of people, but she was saying hello to everybody, she met so many posh, fancy people."
“She was with Pippa Middleton's brother and I hadn't even realized. She's gone from the slums of Russia to living the high life. She's incredible."

Ms Carlin owns three dogs and fosters a fourth named Bella, who has three legs.

One of her own pets, Maggie, is disabled, having also suffered serious abuse.

Maggie now has 370, 000 followers on Instagram and is known as “Maggie the Wonder Dog".

Ms Carlin says that Millie often attracts looks from strangers when she is out in public but that her friendly nature is “infectious".

“Instantly people usually stroke dogs under the chin but she's a bit dribbly so they go to stroke her on top of the head."
“But she's so happy—I'm yet to meet somebody that she's not won over."