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Alaska GOP Rep. Banned From Only Airline That Flies To State's Capital For Refusing To Wear Mask

Alaska GOP Rep. Banned From Only Airline That Flies To State's Capital For Refusing To Wear Mask
Senator Lora Reinbold/Facebook

Republican State Senator Laura Reinbold of Alaska, like many Republicans, has had a problem with mask mandates despite scientist reports that say masks are one of the easiest and most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus.

But it seems Alaska Airlines has had enough of Reinbold's "continued refusal to comply" with their mask rules.

The airline, which so happens to be the only service to offer flights from Reinbold's hometown of Anchorage to the state capital in Juneau, banned Reinbold from any and all future flights for her continued refusal to comply with mask regulations.

Twitter found Reinbold's ban both hilarious and necessary.

Because of the ban, Reinbold had to drive 14 hours, crossing through Canada to reach Juneau on Monday, April 23.

In a somewhat disjointed post on her Facebook, Reinbold stated:

"...I am keenly aware of the monopoly in air transport to Juneau that needs reviewed!"
"...Nothing could get in the way to be in the Capitol to fight to executive branch infringement on the legislature & defending your rights by trying to stop HB76 which is on the Senate floor tomorrow!"

Alaska Airlines also issued a statement after they notified Reinbold of their decision.

"This suspension is effective immediately pending further review. Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport."

Reinbold was less-than-thrilled by her newfound inability to fly.

"I inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter. I learned about (Alaska Airlines) decision before I knew there was even an inquiry and before I had a chance to talk to or discuss this with anyone at Alaska Air."

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration has opened an inquiry into the incident and will be "strictly enforcing a zero-tolerance policy toward passengers who cause disturbances on flights or fail to obey flight crew instructions."