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WATCH: Rebel Wilson Reenacts Her 'Pitch Perfect' Audition

WATCH: Rebel Wilson Reenacts Her 'Pitch Perfect' Audition

Rebel Wilson appeared on BBC One's Graham Norton Show and gave viewers a brilliant demonstration of her initial audition for the movie, Pitch Perfect. It was everything the title suggested.

“I was the first person cast in Pitch Perfect,” Wilson told host Graham Norton. “I was cast four months before anybody else, and I did have to sing in the audition."

“I was a little nervous," she added. "But I thought, just crush it.”

Seven years later, she just crushed it again with a reenactment of her audition song - Lady Gaga's, "The Edge of Glory."

With Norton doubling as the casting agent, Wilson relived her audition experience. "So, I'm Rebel. I'm five foot four, still single," she quipped. "Here's my song."

Not only did she display her vocal chops, but she also accompanied herself using her body as percussion. Her coordination alone warranted high marks for the impressive performance, and the studio audience gave her props with raucous applause.

The Internet thought her impromptu performance was pitch perfection.

Wilson was on the show to promote the third installment of the popular franchise, which includes co-stars, Anna Kendrick, Ruby Rose, Halle Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Ester Dean.

In the highly anticipated Pitch Perfect 3, it looks like The Bellas are reuniting one last time for a USO tour, where more mayhem is expected to follow.

The affable actress, who will reprise her role as "Fat Amy," told Norton she and her fellow castmates were surprised by the popularity of the Pitch Perfect films. According to The Sun, Wilson also revealed she was intimidated by her Perfect co-stars.

Everyone is so different looking and I think that’s great but I think all the girls (I’ll take myself out) they’re so beautiful and they’re all so gorgeous. They all have a light that shines through and I think that’s why we have so much fun working together, because they’re beautiful inside and out.

"It's so cool because we're all friends in the cast," Wilson told Norton of her Perfect crew. "We want to work together again. It’d suck if they were all b*tches. I’d be like, ‘Ah, another movie.'"

Pitch Perfect 3 will be singing its way to theaters on December 22.

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