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Women's Basketball Coach Resigns After Racist Comments About 'Hanging' Her Players

Women's Basketball Coach Resigns After Racist Comments About 'Hanging' Her Players
Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The University of North Carolina announced April 1 that they had forced longtime head women's basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell to go on leave after allegations arose that she had used racially insensitive language when speaking to her team.

As of April 19th, Hatchell had officially resigned.

Hatchell, during a December 28th game, said to her players that they would be "hanged from trees with nooses" if their game did not improve.

The parents of the girls on the team also said Hatchell, referred to the team as "old mules," and that some people took took that to mean female slaves.

Hatchell also tried to get players to "engage in a 'war chant' to 'honor' the Native American ancestry of an assistant coach," who was "visibly uncomfortable."

Hatchell, who has held the position of head coach for 33 years, has garnered a fair share of controversy just this year alone.

In addition to the above racist comments, Hatchell also reportedly discouraged players from getting surgery for injuries, and instead encouraged them to play on injured limbs using painkillers or other unsafe numbing agents to feign function.

"Now, I will turn my attention to supporting the University in different ways. I will continue to raise money for the Lineberger Cancer Center, to establish a ministry of exercise and recovery for cancer patients and to push for equal facilities and treatment for women's athletics," Hatchell said in her resignation.

Most people on Twitter, as you can see above, said, "please do not."