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QAnoners Absurdly Convinced Trump Is Still In The White House Thanks To Reflection In Oval Office Photo

QAnoners Absurdly Convinced Trump Is Still In The White House Thanks To Reflection In Oval Office Photo
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Trump-loving QAnon believers have now decided Donald Trump—despite clearly losing the 2020 election and threatening the nation's integrity with his repeated lies about voter fraud—is actually still hanging around in the White House.

The absurd new theory all stems from a single photograph posted to the official POTUS Instagram page.

Although the snapshot features current President Joe Biden apparently at work in the Oval Office, QAnoners are clinging to an ambiguous reflection in one of the windows.

They claim the reflection in the window on the right side of the photo is undoubtedly their fearless leader, Donald Trump.

According to Newsweek, the Trump reflection theory really picked up steam when that photo made its way onto the instant messaging app Telegram, which has become a haven for conspiracy theorists.

A popular account titled We the Pepe, which boasts over 75,000 followers, appeared to be the first to spread the idea.

They asked a simple, charged question:

"Do you see who's in the reflection? Go see for yourself."

Another account titled MelQ, which has over 140,000 followers, then picked up the torch and told more people to look closely.

For the QAnoners all over the app, those ambiguous messages were all they needed to concoct new stories.

Many, however, assumed the truth was a little less spectacular:

"Proof that patriots are running the show. Doctored up an old photo of Trump, inserted Biden, left the reflection of Trump in the window to tie to Q post."
Another echoed that sentiment:
"Did they just photoshop mumbles Biden into a picture that was taken while DJT was in office. Asking for my fren [friend] that questions everything."

People who heard about the latest QAnon conspiracy were hardly surprised, but found it all ridiculous nonetheless.

And so it seems there is just no end to the outlandish conspiracy theories we can expect from the countless QAnoners out there.