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QAnon Believers Dragged For Thinking DC Has Been 'Dissolved' Because They Can't Read Google Maps

QAnon Believers Dragged For Thinking DC Has Been 'Dissolved' Because They Can't Read Google Maps
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Have you ever played a game with that kid who changes the rules or decides on a new scoring scheme as soon as they begin to fall behind?

If so, you're well prepared to understand the logic behind QAnon believers' tendency to concoct—and rapidly modify—new theories whenever necessary, to justify some occurrence that didn't quite fit into the big narrative they've put together.

In the latest example, according to Newsweek, QAnon believers have decided the United States stopped being a country in 1871, at which point a District of Columbia Organic Act turned the nation into a corporation instead.

Thus, as the totally bogus theory goes on to state, every President since then has been illegitimate. Therefore Trump will be able to come back to triumphantly dissolve the corporation (maybe bankrupt it since he's an expert at that), reinstate the US as a country and become the legitimate 19th President of the United States.

Believers were thrilled, especially because somewhere along the line it was decided Trump's "inauguration" was to happen on March 4.

Spoiler Alert: it didn't.

But the frenzy caused by so many QAnon supporters setting their sights on Washington, D.C. ahead of that date did lead to yet another bizarre conclusion from the group.

When so many of them searched for Washington, D.C. on Google and Apple maps, the area was merely labeled as "Washington," without the "D.C." suffix.

For QAnoners, that was enough for imaginations to run wild.

People quickly began to read into the omission of the couple letters, with some claiming it was proof the nation's capital was now a thing of the past.

One person on the messaging app Telegram, according to Newsweek, boasted some thorough research.

"I just searched Washington DC on my iPhone Apple Maps & it just shows Washington, no DC. This is the same for Google maps & mapquest."
"DC is dissolved."

No, Washington, D.C. is not dissolved. And no, Google and Apple are not trying to prevent people from knowing where our national capital is located.

While the "D.C" is not listed after "Washington," the District of Columbia region is labeled with a border.

People on Twitter who heard about the latest conspiracy theory were not at all surprised, but definitely entertained.

Of course, this is by no means the last wild, false theory we'll hear from QAnoners. More will come, as they have for years now every time one of their sure things crashes and burns.

The question, though, is whether the next theory will be made to explain away the absurdity of this one.