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Video Of Putin Twitching His Foot Ramps Up Speculation That He's Battling A Serious Illness

Video Of Putin Twitching His Foot Ramps Up Speculation That He's Battling A Serious Illness

A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin oddly twitching his foot during an interview has sparked murmurs of the Russian dictator's declining health.

This behavior has been captured in other clips of Putin where he twists his foot uncomfortably and tightly grips tables and armchairs with trembling hands.

See the latest footage below:

People are speculating about a slew of potential ailments or diseases, including cancer or Parkinson's disease.

The buzz over his physical condition was further fueled by a number of sources alleging the dictator is seriously ill. An article published in Proekt—a Russian investigative news source—said Putin is known to suffer from back problems and may suffer from a thyroid illness.

On Sunday, a former Bristish spy released a statement that Russian informants claimed Putin was terminally ill. Additionally, a Ukrainian intelligence chief said in an interview this week that Putin is very sick, suffering from psychological and physical conditions.

Despite an extremely meticulous PR team working hard to keep any weaknesses private, his unusual movements were captured on video for the world to wonder what the problem might be.

Someone tweeted:

"He’s obviously very sick."
"His demise cannot come soon enough."

Another person wrote:

"So the rumor is that Putin is sick."
"In other words while he poisoned others with Polonium he poisoned himself with Ukrainium."

Some theorized this news of an alleged illness is an internal setup by Russian officials.

This user tweeted:

"I am really fascinated why the Kremlin and Russian intel services are pushing that Putin is sick."
"Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve."
"Or maybe they are creating another distraction"

However, there is no definitive evidence or official confirmation of Putin suffering from any illness.

While severe conditions are being mentioned, medical experts rejected the more radical suggestions.

Someone tweeted:

"I’d feel better about this if there were some concrete evidence!"

Some are even discouraging the conversation, including expert on Russian security Mark Galeotti, who said in a piece for The Spectator:

"The prevailing medical opinions appear to be that whatever Putin may have, it is not likely to lead to imminent death or incapacitation."
"It may well be that he is ill enough to be more reckless and less concerned about the long-term risks, but not so ill to quickly be out of the picture."

One person tweeted:

"Rumors of Castro’s illnesses were plentiful until he died at the ripe old age of 90."
"Putin is only 69-years old."
"Don’t hold your breath."

While some see this video as writing on the wall and others remain hopeful that something, anything, may bring his reign to an end, the idea may merely be wishful thinking for now.