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'Pro-Life' Candidate Confronted About His Arrest For Assaulting Pregnant Wife—It Did Not Go Well

'Pro-Life' Candidate Confronted About His Arrest For Assaulting Pregnant Wife—It Did Not Go Well

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez—who claims to be "pro-life"—recently had an uncomfortable conversation with 9NEWS Denver's Kyle Clark about his 1993 arrest for assault against his then-pregnant wife.

Lopez calls himself "pro-life without exceptions," but doesn't seem to comprehend assaulting a pregnant woman endangered a life. Clark asked him about the 1993 assault charge, but Lopez had nothing but excuses.

He tried to excuse the charge, saying:

"Well, first of all, it wasn’t a violent situation. If you go back and look—"

Clark wasn't having it, though.

He interrupted Lopez, saying:

"You were arrested for assault."

Lopez still tried to dissemble.

"We were both arrested for assault. Both of us, okay?"

Clark still wasn't having it.

"And one of you was pregnant. So, again, the question is: 'Do Coloradans want somebody who has a history both in word and action of controlling the bodies of women?'

Lopezcontinued to try to dissimulate, saying he isn't Jesus, whom he describes as "the one perfect man that’s ever walked this Earth."

Twitter users weren't having Lopez's excuses either.

The hypocrisy of his so-called "pro-life without exceptions" stance is far from his only self-contradiction.

Lopez has also voted by mail-in ballot in every election since 2013, despite his vehement stance against mail-in voting.

Lopez will be running against fellow Republican Heidi Ganahl in Colorado's June 28 primary to decide who will face incumbent Democratic Governor Jared Polis.

Lopez faced backlash for his homophobic campaign comments about Polis and his husband. Clark put Lopez on the spot for that as well.