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Colorado Reporter Expertly Calls Out GOP Gov. Candidate For Making Blatantly Homophobic Remark

Colorado Reporter Expertly Calls Out GOP Gov. Candidate For Making Blatantly Homophobic Remark
@KyleClark/ Twitter

Reporter Kyle Clark for 9News pressed Republican candidate and former mayor of Parker, Colorado Greg Lopez on his blatantly homophobic comments about Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis and his husband.

Lopez denied his remarks were homophobic, but Clark wouldn't back down.

In March, Lopez addressed an audience during his campaign for the Colorado gubernatorial seat.

In reference to incumbent Governor Polis and his husband, the GOP candidate said:

“Don’t drink the Kool Aid and believe he’s not beatable because he is… I think it’s time we had a real First Lady, don’t you?”

His supporters reacted with laughter.

During the channel 9News interview, Clark circled back to that moment.

Watch the video below:

Clark asked:

"Why choose to introduce homophobia into the race for governor?"

Lopez answered:

"It's interesting that you would even mention that word because I didn't use it."
"I don't know how you connected that word to my sentiment."

When Clark asked what he meant by the comment "have a real first lady again," the GOP candidate answered:

"Look, I love my wife. We've been married 34 years."
"You know the first lady is going to work very hard on the issues that pertain to women and children."
"She is going to be a strong voice, a strong advocate for our kids and women's issues. That's what I meant about it."

He continued:

"For people to twist my words, I find it very interesting that in society today they're always looking to figure out how to make people look like they're something that they're not."

Clark, unsatisfied with that explanation, said:

"I think that there’s a chance that you think that I and the folks watching are dumber than we are."
"Because I think everybody knew what you were saying and the crowd that clapped for you knew what you were saying."
"And I’m asking you why introduce that into the race?"
"You’ve got plenty of critiques of the governor, other than the fact that he’s a gay man.”

As Lopez continued to deny, deny, deny, the reporter didn't back down.

Clark followed up:

“I don’t think you can keep a straight face as you say that."
"Would you have an issue with Heidi Genahl’s husband being the first gentleman?”

After another denial from Lopez, Clark inquired:

“So it’s just the gay guy?”

Viewers were thrilled with Clark's forwardness during the interview.

Praising Clark, one viewer said:

"Oohhh wheeee!"
"A master class in holding an interview subject accountable."
"[Kyle Clark] - you are a national treasure!"

Another person commented:

"Kudos for calm, considered & persistent questioning & not just accepting his answers at face value (which seems to be the TV journalism standard these days!)"

Someone else tweeted:

"Kyle, you were fantastic in keeping up the pressure."
"I sure hope Colorado voters will see through this guy and elect Jared Polis again."

Other viewers commented on how Lopez's argument just fell apart at the seams.

One person commented:

"So only women who are married to the [Governor] can 'work' on women’s issues and kids issues."
"Because for some reason that’s not the Governor’s job?"

This person tweeted:

"[S]o he's saying only women can help women ... and a male politician can only help men?"
"[G]osh you are right, that he can say this stuff with a straight face is amazing."

Incumbent Democratic Governor Polis is running for reelection to a second term.

Whether Lopez will be his opponent come November will depend on results of the Republican primary which will be held in June.