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Pro-Gun GOP Senator Dragged For Appearing To 'Hunt' In Video After It's Revealed That She Doesn't Have A Hunting License


Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia was appointed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp late last year to replace former Senator Johnny Isakson.

She is currently running to keep her seat in a 2020 special election.

But a recent campaign ad may be generating more trouble than support for Loeffler.

The ad touts Loeffler's support of the Second Amendment, featuring her in a bright orange vest with a rifle resting on her shoulder.

Watch below.

The video was posted to her Instagram over a week ago, but it wasn't until recently that eagle-eyed viewers confirmed that Loeffler doesn't have a hunting permit.

At no point in the video does Loeffler fire her rifle, begging the question:

Was Loeffler breaking the law by hunting without a permit was she lying to her constituents by pretending to be an avid hunter?

Neither is a good look.

Fellow Republican, Congressman Doug Collins, another Trump supporter looking to ascend from the House to the Senate, seized upon the criticisms of Loeffler.

He was far from the only one to call out the inconsistency.

The criticisms carried over to Instagram as well.






We'll see if Loeffler's pretend hunting is enough to keep her Senate seat in November or if she'll get past the primaries against Collins.