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Trump Blasts Photo Showing His Severe Tan Line As 'Photoshopped'—But Nobody Is Buying It

Trump Blasts Photo Showing His Severe Tan Line As 'Photoshopped'—But Nobody Is Buying It

An image of President Trump walking through the wind recently went viral for revealing what appeared to be an incredibly stark, misplaced tan line along the side of his face.

The fact that the President uses some sort of artificial tanning is perhaps the worst kept secret in the country, but it's hard not to be reminded of Trump's strange vanity when images like this one crop up.

The photo was originally sent viral by a pro-Trump photographer who posts from the Twitter account @photowhitehouse.

As people all over the internet began making fun of the photo, many Trump supporters claimed it was photoshopped to accentuate the tan line.

However, @photowhitehouse stepped in to make sure people knew it was real.

And if that wasn't proof enough, the same photo also appeared on Getty Images, a media source for real photos.

President Trump quickly struck out at the photo, claiming it was photoshopped but also that his hair looked great.

Big surprise here: it was not photoshopped.

Twitter obviously didn't buy President Trump's claim.

No millionaire's spray tan should ever look this bad.

Of course, the internet had more than a few jokes to make on the subject.

Hopefully President Trump can get a new tanning guy before the 2020 elections...a tan line like that one is the kind of thing voters might not be able to overlook.