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Why This CNN Anchor Wore A Diaper While Interviewing Ruth Bader Ginsberg Has Mom's Relating Hard

Poppy Harlow/Facebook

Poppy Harlow, a reporter for CNN, was offered the interview of a lifetime while already three months pregnant: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

She initially turned down the interview, fearing she'd be in labor the day of the meeting, but agreed to come on board once the university hosting the event told her they'd have a backup reporter in case she had to drop out at the last minute.

Harlow ended up attending herself, though she had given birth only five days before, leading to a rather unusual fashion choice: adult diaper.

As many mothers know, women who have just given birth often have to wear adult diapers or pads for a short period of time following labor "to absorb vaginal discharge and bleeding, which normally occurs after having a baby."

But that commonality didn't make the situation any less surreal for Harlow, who told Cosmopolitan:

But here's the crazy thing. I'm sitting on the stage, interviewing Ruth Bader Ginsburg—and wearing a diaper. Any woman who has had a baby will understand this. You have to wear, like Depends, after the baby is born.

While people praised her, Harlow insists her actions were much more unglamorous than they were heroic:

I'm like, 'If you only knew.' I tell you this at the risk of grossing people out. That is what it's really like to try to 'do it all.'

But that modesty didn't stop Twitter from singing her praises!

And some other mamas concurred about how glamorous being a new mother is.

Although a few guys were feeling it was a bit TOO much information, they still appreciated what women face in the aftermath of the creation of another human being.

Sometimes TV reality is a little less glamorous than it seems on the surface.

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