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Police Dept. Apologizes After Video Shows Officer Telling Man He'll 'Make Something Up' To Have Him Arrested

A shocking video has recently surfaced which shows a police officer from Lancashire, England, saying he will "make something up" to have a young man arrested.

In the video, the young man can be clearly heard pleading with the police officer, saying:

"You're arresting me? What for? I've done nothing wrong."

The officer responds:

"I'll lock you up.... We'll make something up… who are they going to believe, me or you?"

Lancashire's Chief Constable Andy Rhodes quickly issued an apology to the young man via Twitter.

For many, however, the apology wasn't enough.

Twitter was seemingly unanimous in its calls for the officer's removal.

It's hard to imagine a more harmful piece of audio when it comes time to persecute real crime.

This is not the justice police officers are supposed to uphold.

Hopefully the Lancashire Police Department follows up with guarantees of proper treatment in the future.

No person should ever be persecuted for doing nothing wrong and it's the police's job to make sure that is the case.