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P!nk Offers Pitch Perfect Response After Being Body-Shamed By Far-Right Twitter Troll

The singer, along with her fans, clapped back after a troll made a comment about her hips.

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Right-wing radio host Stew Peters has been spouting nonsense and revealing his toxic obsession with women's reproduction lately, mostly attacking the physical appearance of those with differing opinions.

Last week he was shut down by pro-choice South Carolina Republican Representative Nancy Mace after he made an immature comment about cosmetic surgery.

Most recently, he came after P!nk, but we all know she is having none of that.

Peters tweeted a photo of the "Get the Party Started" singer baring her iconic abs with a caption that read:

"Those aren't child-bearing hips."

They literally are.

P!nk has two children with husband Carey Hart.

And people on Twitter let him know.

You know who else had something to say?

The "F**kin' Perfect" singer herself.

P!nk responded:

"Oh, Stewie. Stewie Stewie Stewie."
"You've got too much free time."

She completed the tweet with a clown face 🤡.

The masses raised their glass to the singer's response.

And many commented on her physique.

Welcome to the "Funhouse," Stewie.