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P!nk Offers To Pay Norwegian Handball Team's Fines After Shorts Controversy—And Fans Are Here For It
Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp

Just this week, The International Handball Federation fined the Norwegian Women's Beach Handball Team €150 ($177) per player for wearing shorts instead of the regulation bikini bottoms. While the men's uniform consists of a tank top and shorts, women are required to wear bikini bottoms and sports bras to play.

Now, pop star P!nk stepped up and offered to pay their fines for them.

P!nk tweeted she was proud of the team for standing up against this "very sexist" rule and suggested the fines should be put on the Handball Federation.

The singer finished the tweet saying:

"I'll be happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it up."

People have continued to call out the European Beach Handball Championships for this unfair treatment as well as praise P!nk for speaking up.

Many also pointed out the German Artistic Gymnastics Team is wearing full length unitards to address the sexualization of female gymnasts—many of whom are underage.

Former tennis champion Billie Jean King also chimed in pointing out the men's team get to wear shorts.

"The men's team wears shorts."
"The sexualization of women athletes must stop."

P!nk might not have to pay the fine after all, since the Norwegian Handball Federation announced it would pay the fines for the team members.