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Couple's Fireworks Display For Gender Reveal Party Sends Guests Scrambling 😮

Couple's Fireworks Display For Gender Reveal Party Sends Guests Scrambling 😮
(Viral Leak/YouTube)

A Philadelphia couple decided to announce the gender of their first child at a gender reveal party held in their backyard. Unfortunately, their explosive plan backfired when things went awry.

Their family and friends got the message loud and clear, but it also sent them screaming and running for their safety.

NewsFlare acquired the video of the announcement gone wrong and was posted on the Viral Leak YouTube page.

With gender reveal parties becoming a common way for expectant couples to announce the sex of their child, this couple wanted to go the extra mile and set off fireworks. The color from the explosion would reveal the baby's sex.

It was an ambitious plan, but with the setup being on top of a flimsy clothes rack within 50 feet from the invited guests, it was doomed from the start.

While the first of several launches set off the pink rockets exploding above them to indicate that they're having a girl, one of the launchers landed on the lawn.

So, they're having a girl. Is this kind of elaborate announcement the new norm?

Guests were left scrambling amidst the chaotic announcement when the pyrotechnics began launching at guests.

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, according to Philly Voice.

A rattled party-goer recalled:

My wife was filming with my phone and I immediately grabbed my son and covered his face and ran. A few adults got hit but no serious injuries — just minor burns.

Twitter had plenty to say on the misfire.

Did the explosion prognosticate the baby's temperament?

You know you're doing it right when your guests are screaming.

The news of the gender reveal party quickly caught fire.

Some of the adult guests were burned by the announcement. But it was nothing personal towards the baby girl to come.

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