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Penn State Athletes Defend Their Teammate After Alum Shames Him For Having Dreadlocks

Penn State Athletes Defend Their Teammate After Alum Shames Him For Having Dreadlocks

On Twitter, Penn State football player Antonio Shelton angrily shared a picture of a letter received by one of his teammates from an older alum of the university.

The note talks about the "old days" and tells the player who it was addressed to that his dreadlocks are "disgusting" and should be cut.

Other players like CJ Holmes also shared the picture, decrying the racist nature of the alumnus' demands.

Fans speculated the letter was addressed to Jonathan Sutherland, one of the Penn State players who wears dreadlocks.

Real fans of Penn State football all agreed the most important aspect of the organization was its inclusion.

CJ Holmes was sure to note how many wonderful fans support the team regardless of hair style.

People couldn't believe this alumnus had actually gone out of his way to type and send such racist sentiments.

Others felt Penn State alumni should still be apologizing for their support of Jerry Sandusky after that scandal broke.

Fans thanked Holmes and Shelton for raising awareness of racist incidents like this one.

Penn State's official account offered this comment on Twitter:

Hopefully the next generations of Penn State graduates will be less ignorant than those of the past.

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