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Passengers Get A Shock As Men Bring Three 'Well-Behaved' Falcons On Board Flight To Dubai


Footage of two men boarding a plane while carrying three falcons has amazed social media users, but the local airline says it is a common practice.

Twitter user @DonnieDoesWorld, the Barstool Sports foreign correspondent, filmed the pair on the flight from Dushanbe in Tajikistan to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The cameraman claimed on Twitter that the birds were “emotional support falcons," animals which are allowed on flights to help people with a mental health condition or emotional disorder.

However airline flydubai, which provided the flight, told the Press Association it is unlikely they were there for such medical reasons and that the carrying of falcons is a common practice.

“Please note that falcons are important to the culture of the UAE and we regularly welcome our feathered friends on board," a spokesman said.

It seems the falcons are used to the experience too.

“They were very well behaved on the flight," added @DonnieDoesWorld. “Each had their own seat and sat quietly blindfolded."

And there you have it. If you ever see a falcon on your flight, now you know what to expect.