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Four Very Unique Sports Are One Step Closer To Joining The Olympics In 2024

On Wednesday, March 27th, the International Olympic Committee officially recommended four new sports be added to the Paris Olympics in 2024, delighting followers of those four events!

The Olympic Committee recommended that surfing, skateboarding, climbing, and breaking (break dancing) should all be added.

The process of adding the new events is far from complete, however.

Before we see Olympians competing in these new categories, the sports will have to go through several more hurdles.

In the meantime, however, people are delighted to see the new sports getting the respect they deserve!

Breaking got an especially large dose of attention, perhaps because of its little-understood reputation among the general public.

Twitter immediately took off with a plethora of break dancing jokes...

The other three recommended sports were universally praised.

Though many people thought the Olympic Committee had yet again made an egregious oversight.

In fact, it seemed like almost everyone had a favorite sport they wished was on the list.

Some suggestions were more serious than others.

Well, like it or not, breaking is well on its way to becoming an olympic sport. If you tune into the events in 2024, you might just see this:

They're Break-dance Fighting!